Interrupted Light
Reaching Out
Sunday Evening
Speed of Light
The Path That Leads To You
Silhouettes of Trees
White Horse
Keeper of the night
Dark Clouds
Zeebrugge - Perspective 3
Zeebrugge - Perspective 4
The Lighthouse I
In dreams II
Tower in the night
Frozen Time
Arras - Grande Place I
Freedom II
Le Tréport - White Cliffs
See Through Reflection
Backlit I
Backlit II
Couples Retreat
Pelouses de Dieppe I
Pelouses de Dieppe II
Into the Night
Pourville - Falaises I
Splash I
Splash II
The lighthouse I
Pebbles on the beach
Boats on the beach
Etretat - Arc BW I
Dream Wedding
Eroded Rock
Flint layers III
Flint layers IV
Fécamp - Harbour - BW
The Black Sea
Isolated -BW
Dieppe City - BW
High Noon
Solar Energy
The cabins - BW
Beach Table
Chihuahua Bowie - In the wind
The cabins - BW II
Somme - Estuaire - BW
The Birds
Silver Sun
Cap Blanc et Noir
Sunset over the boy
View on Griz-Nez I
Film strip
Shimmering Trees
Chihuahua Bowie - Close-up Black and White
Between columns
Grumpy Old Trees
House of the Fairy
The Mall
Streets of Herford II
Contrasty detailed black and white processing gives this photo a drawing like aspect.
The courthouse on de banks of the Oude Dender.
Wide angle view of the Grote Markt in Dendermonde
Crossing patterns on a bridge over the Oude Dender in the city of Dendermonde, Flnaders.
Impressive dark and moody cloudscape over an otherwise peaceful scene.
Dark clouds over the beach in De Haan, Flanders
Pont de Normandie, crossing the river Seine seen from Honfleur, Normandy.

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