About us
Photosynthesis.be is a portfolio project by Peter and Hilde Callewaert-Hallewaert.
We are a married couple with a passionate interest in photography, and a big heart for animals and nature in general. We love the unique expressiveness in a dogs eyes and body language, layered landscapes, macros, creatively processed images. 
Photos can excel in the faithful representation of the light in front of the camera, but also in the creative expression of the photographers' mood and thoughts, during planning, capturing as well as post-processing the image.           

Note: the images shown on this site are low resolution versions.
High resolution versions can currently be licensed thru 500px: https://500px.com/petercallewaert

Everything you'll see here is created by us and is copyrighted.                                                             
We do not steal, and do not want to be stolen from.                                                                              
You are allowed to copy the reduced versions you see on this site and share them, as long as the Photosynthesis.be watermark remains visible.                                                                                       
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