Upward Parallels
Front Seat
The Kiss
Ragged Edge
Blue Lake
Cypress stairway
High Castle
Reach for the sun
Under the tower III
Silver surface
A kiss goodnight
Separation - Rich and Poor
Forest Light
Local Vortex
Gang of Eight
Living Room
Panorama Schelde Sint-Amands
Structured nature
Nature & Nurture
Lines of Trees
Setting Moon
Spring forest
Dutch flare
Juicy Sky
Fate embraced
Sunset blanket
She tucked you in for the night
Sea Painting
The Child, the Sea and the Sun
At the end of the day
The garden
Frame of trees
Wide, Green and Blue
Trees by the side of the road
In spite of the weather
Fire Falling
Against the wind
Polder with trees
Twigs and Leaves
Autumn or Spring
Low Light, Still Bright
Village in the mountains
Little boats on Wörthersee
Admire nature
After Sunset at the lake
The light in the Park
Room with a View
Peace in the park
Late by the lake
Kissing the clouds
Ready to go
Thru the reed
Nighty lake
Pyramidenkugel - View on Pörtschach I
Pyramidenkugel - View on Velden
Pyramidenkugel - View on Ulrichsberg
Pyramidenkugel - View on Maria-Wörth I
Pyramidenkugel - View on the Karawanken Mountains II
Pyramidenkugel - View on Maria-Wörth II
Pyramidenkugel - View from Pörtschach to Velden
Pyramidenkugel - View on Pörtschach II
Pyramidenkugel - View on Klagenfurt
Lead me to the mountains
Work with a view
Grassland, Hills and Mountains
Villach and the Mittagskogel
The hut
Late one afternoon
Bridge over troubled Jade
Rounded Top
Slovenia I
Slovenia II
Blue Falls
Slovenia III
Burg Landskron
Haus am See
Ossiach Waterharp I
Ossiach Waterharp II
Over the rooftops
An hour on the lake
View over Ossiacher See
Over the rainbow
Under two big trees
White fountain
Trees in my window
Slightly Winding Road
Turquoise Reflection
Between the Alps
Deep Alp Valley
White slopes
In the fast lane
Würzburg I
Kurpark I
Kurpark II
Tracks in the sand
Grass Helmed Dunes
Warm Sunset
Fishermen Sunset
Gold Reflection
Children of the sun
Sail into that light
Veiled Sunset
Pure Blue
The ship we missed
A wet blanket
Bright spot
The grass is greener
High Winds
Late summer swim
Into the sea
At the sea-side
Blue-Pink Pastel
Late Summer Swim II
Castle in the sand
Tracks in the sand
Hanging out
Gentle morning light
Sun Up
Silver wavetops
Morning skyline
Lonesome sailor
Come on to the beach
Old school sunset
Exploded Sun
After summer
Blankenberge view 1
Stick in the middle
Low tide
The birds
Sailing Home
The Lighthouse II
The Lighthouse III
Two bikes on the beach
In the green
Serial Trees
Serial Trees II
The cabins
The Arch
Dots on the beach
Two small boats I
Two small boats II
Two small boats II
Three small boats
Reflective sunset
Feathered Sky
Blue Ocean - Le Tréport
Marée basse
Le Tréport - Falaises
Dieppe - Cool Morning
Dieppe - Falaises
Dieppe - Pastel Morning
Dieppe bay
Out the gate
Dream of grapes
Dreamy sunset
Pelouses de Dieppe III
Sunset over Dieppe
Bay of Pourville I
Bay of Pourville II
Bay of Pourville
Fishers of Pourville
Bay of Pourville
Pourville - Falaises II
Quiberville I
Quiberville II
The lighthouse II
Nearly vertical
Wall and Tower
The elephant
Fécamp beach
Etretat - Elephant I
Etretat - Elephant II
Etretat - Elephant III
Flint layers I
Flint layers II
Etretat, Arc and Needle I
Photographer at work
Etretat, Arc and Needle II
Etretat, Arc and Needle III
Etretat, Arc and Needle IV
Etretat, Arc and Needle V
Falaise d'Aval
Stable Sunset
Drunken Sunset
Drop of Sun in a Sea of Milk
Dieppe - Harbour
Dieppe - Falaises
Dieppe - City and Cliffs
Le Crotoy
21 Miles
Gentle slopes
View on Griz-Nez III
View on Griz-Nez IV
Partly fenced
Indirect sunset
Sunlit cloud
Hidden Castle
Sunset - Orange and Blue
Silhouettes against the evening sky I
Silhouettes against the evening sky II
Silhouettes against the evening sky III
Silhouettes against the evening sky IV
Silhouettes against the evening sky V
Silhouettes against the evening sky VI
November Light I
November Light II
Guiding Light
GOP by night
Kurpark III
Orange necklace for the sun
Exter Mill I
Exter Mill II
Ominous light
A cold winter evening, the dry crisp air revealing every detail far and near
Starburst of the setting sun peeping through the dark silhouettes
Starburst of the setting sun peeping through the dark silhouettes
Starburst of the setting sun peeping through the dark silhouettes
Starburst of the setting sun peeping through the dark silhouettes
A bird atop the trees, silhouettes over the setting moon.
Up on the hill, breaking the horizon, one tree stands alone from the pack
Sunset over Herford, Germany
The river Schelde in Baasrode. It is not that often you have this great blue color on this water.
Greenness abounds as the year starts a new cycle of life
A cold spring evening, dark silhouettes of trees and grass, a clear blue sky, reflections on the pond.
Anvil shaped cloud above the curve in the river Schelde in Branst, Flanders.
View on the Flemish 'Polders' region from Westende-Bad
Bassin de l'Est in Honfleur, Normandy, 2 cruiseboats ready for departure
Carnot dock in the harbor of Honfleur, Normandy.
Night photo of the Vieux Bassin harbour in Honfleur, Normandy
Night photo of the Vieux Bassin harbour in Honfleur, Normandy
Night foto of the city hall of Honfleur, at the Veix Bassin
Nightview on the famous Pont de Normandie from Honfleur. The second bridge further away is the one over the 'Grand Canal du Havre'.
Four little boats on the English Channel at Cap Lihou in Granville,
Hi-res with long exposure rendering the waves smooth, while revealing texture in the rocks
Long exposure over the English channel at Granville, France
Turquoise ocean at Granville, Normandy.
The famous Mont Saint-Michel, seen from high up at Saint-Léonard
Mont Saint-Michel and Tombelaine seen from high up at Champeaux
View on the new dam at Mont Saint-Michel, from the bridge over the Couesnon channel in Beauvoir, Normandy.
View on Mont Saint-Michel and Tombelaine, from a vantage point just past Beauvoir.
Panoramic view on Ploumanach and the lighthouse Men Ruz, from the high ground in Perros-Guirec, Bretagne
The pebbled beach of Testrahou, Perros-Guirec in Bretagne with a view here on 2 of the 7 islands:
View on Ile Tomé and Perros-Guirec from the opposite side of the beach of Testrahou.
A couple of small boats in the bay of Perros-Guirec, Bretagne.
Long exposure on the bay of Peros-Guirec, Bretagne.
"Sept Îles", or Seven Islands, before the coast of Bretagne, France, consist of 5 islands and 2 reefs. This photo is taken overlooking one of many starting points for the gorgeous trail called "Sentier des douaniers", and shows Le Cerf, Île Plate, Île aux Moines, Île Bone and Malban.
Panoramic view on Ile Tomé and Perros-Guirec from the Point de vue Turquet de Beauregard on the Sentier des Douaniers
The smaller the boat, the greater the adventure, they get you right in the middle of things. The rocky coast of Bretagne offers plenty of opportunities. This image, at focal length 137mm shows strong compression: the nearby rock is about 250 meters awy, Ile Bono in the background is about 5 km away!
Long exposure on the bay of Pors Rolland, Bretagne.
The "Sentier des Douaniers", surely among the prettier walks in the world. Amidst the pink granite of Brittany in France, and with the stunning view on the "seven islands".
View on Ile Tomé, from one of many small bays along the Sentier des Douaniers. Shimmering sunlight om the English channel.
Along the coast of Brittany are littered these pink granite boulders in all shapes and sizes, sometimes it is hard to believe this all nature's work. Amazing how these rocks stay in place in what often seem to be instable compositions.
50 shades of pink, from pale rose to dark brownish, the pink granite coastline of Brittany in France. In the background, 3 of the famous seven islands: Ile Aux Moines, Ile Plate, and Le Cerf.
Long exposure on the English Channel, Ile aux Moines looking deceptively close, with Ile plate to the left, and Ile Bono to the right.
What fun, racing small boats on the big water, amidst the scenary of the pink granite coast of Brittany, and the seven islands.
If you do not fancy the speedbaots, you can always take a more comfortable option to enjoy the sea and the sights of the islands and the Breton pink granite coastline.
The Ploumanach lighthouse, aka Mean Ruz, built in 1946 after an earlier version was destroyed in 1944.
The Ploumanac'h lighthouse, aka Mean Ruz, with in the background from left to right: Ile Plate, Ile Aux Moines, Ile Bono, and Ilde de Malban. One of the momst beatiful places in Europe!

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